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This page has my recent ones.

7/9/21 https://skfb.ly/ooIHq

Did this for anatomy class!

It's not at a complete level of detail so I might go back and do another pass.

It was definitely cool to figure out a dynamic pose like this.

6/23/21 https://skfb.ly/ooIH7

Some heads for anatomy class. Kinda figuring out curly hair like this.

4/7/21 https://skfb.ly/on8Wu

Refining my understanding of muscle anatomy, and practicing making more complex and precise forms, that cant be easily drawn on with the clay brush

2/28/21 https://skfb.ly/6Z9MK ZBrush practice
Proud of the level of detail I got on this one. The wrinkles are fun to do, I'm finding the limits of DamStandard are well mitigated by an Alt-Clay pass afterwords.
Hair is still daunting; ClayBuildup isn't really doing the job at the level of detail I want.

2/3/21 https://skfb.ly/6YHV9 ZBrush practice

A detailed face sculpt with reference

I imagine this guy is a Russian Olympian of some sort. Some parts still in progress.
Some faces. From left to right: a stoic Greek god (lacking regal beard), a tall-headed man, and a samurai

A rock-like, gorilla-like, beast of a man

I picked up ZBrush this Christmas, wow what a great program!
Here are some of my sculpts while learning it.