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The dark sun rises. This is Ghongata, from my friend Kyle's art (

Unfinished/explorative art dump time...
Character color concept 1
Character color concept 1
Character color concept 2
Character color concept 2
Character color concept 3
Character color concept 3
Character color concept 4
Character color concept 4
Character color concepts
Mostly a pose to show off the armor. That's a helmet not his face btw
Mostly a pose to show off the armor. That's a helmet not his face btw
Revisiting Rimtar, the dwarven warlord inspired by Dwarf Fortress, who I drew a while ago (further down this blog)
The left pose + camera angle I guess is mostly to show off the armor.
But the right one, I actually really like this idea, I think it has good power and action, and we get to see the workings of his shoulder armor. Maybe I'll get around to making a finished piece out of it.
Venom-like character flinging the hero
Venom-like character flinging the hero
Bloodborne swing
Bloodborne swing
Fun stuff
Toothless about to offer his wisdom
Toothless about to offer his wisdom
Drawing a blank
Drawing a blank
Secret santa for my friend Sea (

"Leadheads" squad on the way to defend the caverns entrance

The Warden of the North

A dwarf that lives in a Dwarf Fortress fort. I like photoshop brushes!

Really trying to figure out color. I feel I'm making a lot of progress!

This dwarven warlord, Rimtar Ultershorast, is my submission to the Dwarf Fortress Gladiator Tournament. Unfortunately he immediately got tackled and gouged by a sasquatch named Patty. I love that game for its creative opportunities.

Painting is going to be a side hobby now :)

A young soldier thanks the armorsmith after his first battle
I don't usually draw emotional things but this idea hit home I guess. I got the idea from Dwarf Fortress, in the battle logs I found that while fighting a goblin invasion, a younger dwarf who was born and raised in the fort had a lot of arrows blocked by his armor. I like imagining the gratitude one would feel upon finding that they would have died if not for the good craftsmanship of another, like parachutes packed by average citizens in WWII I think.
I found there is a lot of overlap between the facial expressions someone who is frantically thankful and someone who is just frantic.
In this situation I don't think the smith would really know what to do, so I just made him kinda stiff.
Drawing my friend Ben's character, Nomu.
Sidenote: Working out in real life has actually helped me understand anatomy better!

Indomitus Mando


Working on color some more. This is the first background I've painted that I'm actually happy with. Still working my way to up fully painting something complicated like his armor. Now my process is: draw in thick black lines for form -> erase for detail -> paint under it.


"Gregor, my largest son."

Figuring out how to shade metal.

Hercules strangling the Nemean Lion - In those pose I emphasized the force he is exerting backwards

I didn't plan the scene very well; Hercules is covered up!

An early design of Titus, the main character in my capstone project. He is a mechanical automaton that repels a group of invaders from his asteroid temple in space.

A fun one, I'm enjoying this new style of erasing to get more precise shapes and values.

A dragonslayer

I gave him gambeson over his plate armor to resist fire, and some leather. I enjoy armor that messes with the shape of the wearer. This character's silhouette looks kind of clumsy, but that is an illusion caused by the thick gambeson bulking up his body.

While playing Dwarf Fortress these are some characters I imagine. It's interesting to work with dwarven proportions.
Some miscellaneous design-ish things I have done
Two confident space mercenaries of different universes
A very old gun that I still like
Faces and painting practice
Ideas and poses
Trying to do some women for once
These were some of my first digital paintings
Sketchy sketchy
Lothric Knights are cool
I guess I gave up on 'painting' shading, and just scribbled


Dark Souls-inspired character throwing a lightning spear

A Dark Souls-inspired party, and a Skyrim-inspired party
Some old knights: A grappler, a footman, and a tank
Gladiator versions of For Honor heroes - Conqueror, Warden, Gladiator, and Raider