Hi I'm Robert! (he/him) I'm a technical animator at Deep Silver Volition since May 2022.
I strive to invent systems that turn a beautiful sculpture of a character into a walking, bending, ass-kicking machine...
   -  AnimGraphs that read like mind reading and respond like telepathy
   -  Rigs that make sense and preserve the *look*
   -  Tools and pipelines that cut all the busywork corners, straight to the art
   -  Code that explains what it's doing :)
I draw on a deep understanding of art, computing, and body mechanics. TODO write more here sometime...
Email me for my resume! (RobertDKrawczyk@gmail.com)

My greatest influences are from games, medieval armor, and sculptures.
* Favorite games: For Honor, Super Smash Bros, Overwatch, Dwarf Fortress
* Favorite helmets: Sallet, Flat-face/full-visor bascinet
* Favorite sculpture: Hercules wrestling Cerberus
* Favorite body part: Shoulder
The intersection of animation and computing is my field; I learn it and do it, not for a mission but for the love of the craft.
But I do have an end goal: To try to contribute to our resilience as a species, as Earth faces challenges today and in the future.
(A) I want to speed people along on their individual journeys towards better relationships with themselves and others, by contributing to games that empower, move, and add to discourse. I believe that today's generations are sorely lacking in role models - we could really use some good examples, especially good examples featured in games that are super fun anyway.
(B) I want to speed the advance of our culture by contributing to animation tools that will enable people to make art without investing lots of time into the craft of it. I think that if everyone, not just teams of specialized artists and engineers, communicate their ideas through art, our worldwide culture will be more wise, more resilient, and more understanding of each other.