Hi I'm Robert! I'm a technical animator at Deep Silver Volition since May 2022.
I want to make cool systems that make characters look awesome, like rigs that visually make sense, and animation graphs that let the player feel full control of their character. I draw on a deep understanding of art and computing to design and implement complex, efficient systems that give good visual results while enabling easy iteration and reusability.
My greatest influences are from video games, medieval armor, and awesome sculptures. My favorite games are Dark Souls III, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Destiny, and Dwarf Fortress.
The intersection of animation and computing is my field; I have learned everything up to this point not for a mission, but for the love of the craft.
But now I can say I have an end goal: It may sound hokey, but now as I see more of the world and wonder what challenges Earth will face in the future, I feel the need to use my foundations to try to contribute to our resilience as a species. The way I think I can help with that is to speed the advance of our culture by contributing to animation tools that will enable people to make art without investing lots of time into the craft of it. I think that if everyone, not just teams of specialized artists and engineers, communicate their ideas through art, our worldwide culture will be more wise, more resilient, and more understanding of each other.