Titus Anim Rigs
Animator-friendly rigs for many situations

The weapon drives the arms, and the pelvis drives the weapon. I also used versions of this where the weapon was free or driven by the chest.

The large pieces are constraint-driven, but can be additively tweaked by the animator

Simple version for blockout animation.

Aim-based humanoid. Great for cleaning up mocap of walking/scanning

Curly Strap Rig
Detailed accessory rig with animator-driven deformation

Automatic placement onto the inside of the knee.

The animator can move, rotate, and scale all of the box controllers individually, or with the main strap controller. And scaling it makes the strap curl!

Full video of editing the parts individually

(on an older version with a very thin strap)

MoBu Character Extensions

(Above) The animation I authored. (Below) The same animation, retargeting to a character with a different robot arm.


Oh it's a chain alright.


Arm Rig (old)
Deformation rig with shoulder helper bones.
Try it out!