Face-Adapting Wearables
I enabled wearables to adapt to all kinds of crazy face customization. To do this I authored deformation rigs in Maya that squash, stretch and bend the new wearable (ex. a pair of glasses) based on what has changed about the underlying face. Then I baked the results of this rig into blendshapes for each of our 100+ possible face adjustments. When the concept called for it, I gave certain wearables some extra love with sculpting tools, to preserve the original vision and cater to player intent.
At runtime, when the player selects and adjust various face blendshapes, the engine turns on each wearable's corresponding blendshapes as well. The result is deeply adaptable face customization without limiting the concept at all.
Petite Glasses
Petite Glasses
Pride Shades
Pride Shades
Skinning Layered CLothes
I skinned a lot of wearables, preserving the 'look' of the mesh and textures while keeping within the strict limits for each wearable type, and only having access to the basic body bones.
For example, on the Cargo Jacket (Zipped,) because any shirt, pants, or gloves can be layered beneath the jacket, and the shape of these are all affected greatly by the body type sliders, I made sure to skin-weight the shoulders and chest especially rigorously. Also, only being able to work with the basic body bones (helper bones were not supported by the engine) added more rigor to the skinning process.
While fulfilling these constraints I paid special attention to the chest pockets to make sure they preserve their rectangular shape as much as possible!

Cargo Jacket

Apologies for the videos not gifs (for now):
Softbody Simulation
I created simulation setups for hair and clothes, to add life to characters in Saints Row.
Apologies for the videos not gifs (for now):

Other weighting, simulation, and customization work I did on Saints Row (2022):
Tailcoat Blazer, Cargo Jacket, Rabbit Helmet
Shoulder Cape, Demon Wingsuit, Cat Tail, Devil Tail
Sleeping Mask, Double Eyepatch
SMG w/ Charm Chain
Natural Curls

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